January 13

10 South Surrey Gardening Tips


1. Location

Find the right site for your garden is so important. Create your green space where you'll have easy access to it.

2. Sunlight

Pay attention to where the sun goes when it comes to your garden location. Will it be in the sunshine all day?

3. Water

Be sure you have access to water. This might just be one of the most important tips.

4. Soil

Pick the right soil. You want soil that drains well and is rich with nutrients.

5. Containers

Containers might just be your new best friend. They are great space savers.

6. Pickiness

Pick your plants with care. What you plan on adding to your garden plays a key role in how successful your garden will be.

7. Temperature

Keep an eye on temps. Coldness is not good for most South Surrey gardens that don't have protection.

8. Mulch

Add some mulch is a wonderful way to get things growing. A couple inches should do.

9. Hunger

Your garden has an appetite so feed it. Proper feeding is important.

10. Tools

Ensure you have all the right tools to get the job done right.

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